Oh Hi! & Welcome!

I wanted to create a space to talk about the things I enjoy in life including; escape rooms, makeup, fashion, and video/board games. I hope to share some of my favorite items and to help people find a passion for some of these items too.

10 Facts About Me:

  1. I have lived all over the world including Bermuda, Kenya, and Mexico.
  2. I recently have found my passion for working in Education in Compliance for Gender and Diversity. I help victims of sex, gender, or racial discrimination navigate the system and help them find the best path to take for them.
  3. One of my life goals is to go to every Disney Theme Park.
  4. I love video games but am probably one of the worst players out there. Rage Quit is real.
  5. I am a homebody, the only way to get me out of the house is food, escape rooms, board games, or Disneyland.
  6. I had a Harry Potter themed proposal.
  7. I am a member of the Lifetime & Hallmark Movie Club.
  8. For us to be friends you have to watch “Beauty & The Briefcase” with me.
  9. I am a lover of wine and whiskey.
  10. My hair color is forever changing.

Stay tuned for more posts about my favorite escape rooms, online boutiques, my attempt to become better at makeup, and much more!

Later Babez!

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