Fandom Fashion Finds

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Fandom: the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something.

I am a fan of many different fandoms such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel Universe, Doctor Who, Disney, and many more. I will admit I have a lot of Fandom clothing but not all of them are as great quality as others. Places like Target have hoped on the fandom bandwagon and made it easier to get cheap fandom items for many popular fandoms but these items are not as unique and do not seem to last a long time. I will admit I own a lot of fandom clothing from Target but the best place to go for unique fandom items is Etsy, small online boutiques, or straight from the source. Below are four of my top fandom clothing items and where I got them from:

Tapping The Brick

This shop was originally on Etsy but has moved to Indiemade.  This shop is 100% dedicated to the Harry Potter Fandom. Their products are “originally designed and are hand silk-screened”.  Items include tee shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, scarfs, and bags. I originally got this shirt from my husband for our first Christmas together and this shirt has held up amazingly. I highly recommend this shop to any Harry Potter Fans because the quality of the product is great and I am constantly being asked where I got it from.  Check out the direct link to this item below the image.


Butter Beer Tee by Tapping The Brick

1138 Clothing

This first item is one I have had for many years and it is still going strong. 1138 Clothing makes “Custom & Handmade Nerdy Girl Clothing” right here in Los Angeles, CA. I found this talented designer (Linda Rhodes) via a deep search through Etsy. Her shop is now one of my go-to places for high-quality designs. She makes skirts, dresses, tops, and hats all from fandom patterned fabrics. Check out the link below the photo to check out her shop!

Super Mario Skirt

Super Mario Bros Skirt by 1138 Clothing

Lost Bros Trading Co.

This brand is pretty well known in the Disney Instagram community. They have great designs that work for males or females. This company is run by two guys in Orlando who wanted to share their love of Disney. Their items have exciting designs that have a modern flair to them. The shirt below is one of their most popular designs. The Jersey Tee design can be seen all over their website involving tons of different characters. Go to the link below the photo to shop this tee.


Peter Pan Tee by Lost Bros Trading Co.


My next favorite tee is one that is a must in my bag for Disney trips as well as a go-to shirt for my workouts. This tank is so soft and comfy. 2319Threads is located in Palm Springs, CA and their slogan is offering “common threads for all Monsters”. They have a wide range of products for all ages. Their style is bright and fun which is perfect for any Disney trip! You can shop all their items in the link below the photo.


Suns Out Buns Out by 2319Threads

Disney Parks & Online

Disney has been stepping up their game recently and has been making new fun styles that have been on point with the fashion world.  Disney has been coming out with special collections for years but they were always EXTREMELY expensive you can now buy more stylised items for more reasonable prices at the parks or online. This sweater is a great go-to on fall days it is adorable and the perfect fit for a casual sweater.


Porg Sweater by Disney Store

These items are only a few of the million clothing items you can buy online for different fandoms but these are shops that I will continue to purchase from because of the quality of their products. Some are more expensive than the others but the items that are expensive I have had for years. If you have any favorite shops for Fandom items let me know in the comments below.

Later Babez.

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