Just Fab: Fab or Nah

I remember when Just Fab came out. It was at the start of the subscription box craze and I remember it mostly for the shoes. Back in 2010 I started a subscription to the company and after my first order had issues. I was charged double, customer service was awful, and cancelling was a hellish experience that took two hours because the person kept trying to find a way to keep me on the subscription. A few months later in October 2011 a national class action lawsuit was filed against Just Fab. Then in August 2017 JustFab received an ASA ban for luring customers into a subscription trap. So their history isn’t so great. But its been a few years and they seem to being doing better than ever.

How It Works

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From The JustFab Website

My Experience

Knowing my bad experience prior I was a little hesitant but I did like the idea of it being more about choosing exactly what items I want each month compared to other subscription boxes where you get random items from stylist and then have to return the items you don’t like. So I signed up, again. I have been doing JustFab for six months now and here is my thoughts. 

The Clothing

They seem to have a much larger selection of clothing compared to back in the day. The styles are relevant and with collabs with instagram celebs and reality stars they have created these mini closet of style that help set up great mix and match outfits for specific styles. All of the clothing items I ordered were great quality and sizing were true to size. Their jeans were the most surprising finds. I have four pairs of jeans from them now and they all fit me amazing and our my new favorite go to jeans. Specifically, the ones from the Stassi S. collection are my favorites! 

SHOP 21buttons | Shop LTK
SHOP 21buttons | Shop LTK
SHOP 21buttons | SHOP LTK
SHOP 21buttons | SHOP LTK
SHOP 21buttons | SHOP LTK

The Shoes

First pair weren’t so great they were flats that were super uncomfortable and even after weeks of attempting to break them in I could never get them to break. They also had no ridging on the bottom which made it so I would slip and slide all over the place. The second pair that I got were amazing and I got so many compliments on them and they were also comfy.

SHOP 21buttons | SHOP LTK


I really had no issues. The only panic moment I had was when I  purchased an items on the 4th and got an email later that night stating I needed to purchase an item before tomorrow or my card would be charged for a credit. I called the customer service hotline with little wait and they assured me it is just an automatic email that gets sent out to anyone who hasn’t purchased by the third day and that my account did show i had made my monthly purchase. 


The cancellation process has become MUCH easier. You can now use a chat service from 9am – 9pm EST or you can call 24 hours a day. I used the chat service because i like to save cancellation records and chat is easy to save as a record. They ask you to fill out basic information like account email, address, and reason for contact. I had to wait a little time to get connected but no more than 10 minutes. Since I had already told them my reason for reaching out was cancellation the customer service rep simply asked the standard “Are you sure you would like to cancel” questions and then notified me my account was canceled and i would receive an email in 24 hours. 

Final Thoughts: Fab or Nah

My experience has been good I have noticed on their social media accounts some negative comments about customer service and dealing with credits not working. Though I also checked some other subscription clothing social media accounts and the amount were about the same as other ones. I only cancelled my subscription just to see how the process went for this blog but I will more than likely sign back up next month. In the end, JustFab was Fab for me but there are many out their who say its Nah on social media due to customer service issues. 

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