Influencer Disclosures: Don’t Get Fined For These Mistakes!

All of our feeds are filled with influencer post but the thing is a lot of them are out of compliance. Even going back and looking at some of my own post made me realize I have some that are incorrect. I don’t think a lot of people understand is there are LEGAL guidelines to these things. Even with a small shop, you are required to follow certain guidelines according to the FTC and if not you could receive a warning or a fine.

What is FTC?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an independent agency of the United States government. Its job is to protect consumers from deceptive or fraudulent business practices and fair competition. They also collect complaints, do investigations, sue violators of the law, and create new regulations. In last year or two, they have been pushing down on influencers for not correctly promoting brands on social media per the FTC guidelines. Here are the guidelines. It is a lot, right? Well, that’s why I thought I would hit the main points for Instagram sponsorships.

“The Guides, at their core, reflect the basic truth-in-advertising principle that endorsements must be honest and not misleading. An endorsement must reflect the honest opinion of the endorser and can’t be used to make a claim that the product’s marketer couldn’t legally make.”

– FTC Guidelines Website

What Type of Collabs Require Influencer Disclosures?

  • Free or Discounted Products or Services: If a brand says they will give you a discount to post a photo of their clothes or sends you an item or gives you a service for free.
  • Money Payments or Gift Cards: If a brand gives you any form of money (paypal, store credit, gift card, cash, check, etc).
  • Employee or Business Relationship: If you work for or have any business relationship with the company you must let your followers know this.
  • Friendships: Yes, Even if you are showing off a necklace designed by your BFF you must still let your follows know.
  • Family Relationships: Your sister starts a line of clothing you must let people know of the relationship.
  • Giveaways or Sweepstakes: If a brand ask for you to run a giveaway for them you must let your follows know of this relationship.

What Happens If You Don’t Follow?

This is something that is a hot topic and being actively worked on by the FTC. Right now you will be sent a warning and will be asked to add #AD to the front of your post. Though they have been cracking down on this issue as influencer marketing skyrockets. The best thing to do is to follow the guidelines because when the new rules and regulations drop it will be better to be in compliance than to get caught out of compliance.


Brand of the Month (April) – Final Touch Apparel

I wanted to start a brand of the month to show appreciation for small brands and/or local brands that I feel should be shared. This month’s brand is Final Touch Apparel, which is a whole sale clothing company based in the Downtown Fashion District of Los Angeles started in 2001. Their style is effortless fashion; statement pieces that will last for years instead of trends. They generously sent me two pieces of their new line to try out and review.

The first pieces I received from Final Touch Apparel was their Pinstriped Chambray Trousers (p16567d). These pants are perfect for a casual day out with friends or for a summer day at the office. They are 98% cotton and extremely comfortable to wear. Their fit is true to size as well. Here are a few looks I made with these pants:

The second item Final Touch Apparel sent me was this adorable Front Bow Top (T15774) in Mauve. It also comes in black and white. This top is such a sweet little top that can be worn with a skirt or shorts for a classic summer look. The fit for this piece is also true to size and extremely comfortable. It doesn’t cut you too high or too low as well. Here are some ways I will style the piece this spring:

Thank you to Final Touch Apparel for gifting me these pieces. They are for sure going to be staple pieces in my wardrobe this spring and summer. I also wanted to show off a few other items on Final Touch Apparel’s website that I love. You can check out more of Final Touch Apparel’s items on their Instagram or on the Website.

A Guide to Media Kits for Instagram

It’s Not About You

I know this sounds harsh but its true. Media Kits are technically about you but at the same time, they are not. You are selling yourself to a brand so really your Media Kit should be about what the brand wants and how you can help the brand not the other way around. You don’t go into a job interview saying ” No need to look at my resume. I will be taking the position at $75,000 a year if you could just email me my user information and mail my health insurance to….” If you are trying to just get free items from brands you will be sniffed out pretty easily. You must always remember you aren’t doing them a service they are doing you a service.

Your Introduction Pitch

The question no one likes to ask themselves but in this industry, you have to know is “who you are?” and how to catch the eye of a brand. Just like the 140 characters, you get in your Instagram Bio you have to be able to sell yourself in a quick intro on your Media Kit. For those 90’s babies out there it’s like watching the MTV show NEXT and when the person hops off the bus and had those few seconds to say something witty as the facts about them came across the screen.

So how do you do this without it turning into a episode of NEXT? You have to ask yourself these questions: Who, Where, What, How?

WHO – Are you a blogger, instagram influencer, youtuber?

You need to know who you are. If you are a new influencer on Instagram you can say ” I am a micro-influencer” or if you are a mix let them know by saying ” I am a YouTuber and blogger” Its really that simple but Its the next few part that will make you rethink WHO.

WHERE – Does your location matter?

If you live in New York do you need to put your location in your introduction? Well that depends, are you posting content regarding New York other than it just being the background of your photos. Are you going to the local restaurants and taking photos of the food than ABSOLUTELY YES. If your content interacts with where you are, then add it. If your content does not it doesn’t mean it will hurt you in any way it just might not give you an advantage.

WHAT – What are you doing?

The Leopard Trend Lives On

“Okay. So you got an Instagram? That don’t impress me much.” Shania Twain’s lyrics might not have any lines about Instagram but there is a point. What do you have to offer to brands? Having an Instagram isn’t gonna cut it. Having lots of followers isn’t deep enough. What do you do on Instagram?

  • Are you a Fitness Buff who is inspiring other women to be their most active self.
  • Are you at Home Chef trying to show the world that advance cooking can be done in an average kitchen?
  • Are you a Travel Blogger who likes to show people new and fun travel destinations?

By knowing what you do it helps brands know if you would be a good fit for them. As much as I would love to do a collab that involved going to Japan. I know my Media Kit would be at the bottom of the list for a travel collab because I don’t show a lot of travel on my accounts.

HOW? – How do you keep your followers entertained and happy?

This is a little bit of repurposing of your WHAT. To be a good influencer or blogger you need to understand what your audience wants or likes. At least you have to be able to read your own account and see what post do well and which ones do not.

  • Fitness Buff Example: I try different work out programs so my followers don’t have to.
  • Chef Example: I test out making gourmet recipes without having all the fancy gadgets so my followers know they can recreate at home.
  • Travel Blogger: I explored areas that most tourist wouldn’t know about to find the hidden gems of popular vacation spots.

The best way to figure this out is to go look at your most popular post what are they about if there is a common theme try to create a sentence about the theme.

Now all you have to do is put the answers to these questions into a mini paragraph or sentence and you have already created your intro to your Media Kit.

Important Information To Have

Contact Information

  • Email – If you haven’t created a new email specifically for your blog or Instagram you should do this.
  • Add All Relevant Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Etc) If the social media account isn’t used to share your influencer/blog activities don’t put it on there.
  • A Phone Number can be an uncomfortable thing to put on a Media Kit. If you have Gmail you can sign up to get a google phone number so you can take calls through Google Hangouts.

Engagement & Analytics

This is something that can immediately grab the attention of brands. If you have an Instagram Business Account then you can find all this information on your stats page. There are free tools online that will check your engagement and analytics for you but they all seem to have varied results. The main data you would want to put on your Media Kit are :

  • Follower Count / Subscriber
  • Engagement Rate
  • Avg. Likes / Avg. Views
  • Newsletter Subscribers

Partnerships, Previous Collabs, & Features

Here is where you want to show off what you have done. If you have done a good amount of collaborations go ahead and do a block showing off all the brands you have worked with. I find it best to use the brand’s logo this can be found with a simple google search or going to the brand’s website.

From My Media Kit 2019

If you are just starting out and only have a few you could add the images you took for the collab with the brand’s logo in the corner of the shots. Add them to your Media Kit to show off what you have done so far.

If you haven’t done any collaborations yet that’s okay! Instead, post images that you have created that would work for the brands you would be wanting to work with. Instead of labeling the section “Partnerships, Previous Collabs, & Features” name it something like “Example Product & Style Shots”.

2017 Media Kit

Where To Put This Information?

My go-to source for creating anything for my blog or Instagram is Canva. This is not a sponsored post I just generally think it is a great starting point for any influencer or blogger. They have tons of templates for Social Media. It is a free online program (there are upgrades that cost money but I have never used them). Once you log on to your account just simply start typing in “Media Kit” and select.

CANVA Search

You will then get a sidebar filled with tons of different layouts for Media Kits that can work for anyone you can customize the color add additional photos or take away items on the media kit. Some of these are two pages. I personally now only have a one pager but you can do two pages if you like. My favorite templates for Media Kits on Canva are:

Final Thoughts

Media kits are something that can help expand your influencer career but you must always remember that there are tons of other people wanting to do what you do so you have to show them you would bring their brand business. Also on that note don’t get discouraged you never know what a brand is looking for. Mirco-influencers are becoming a huge thing in 2019 so don’t worry about your follower count and focus more on your content. Your Media Kit will be always growing due to Follower count/engagement rate or even your content. I try to update mine at least once a month.

Here is one of my previous Media Kits as well as my current 2019 Media Kit to leave you with. It takes practice and your first media kit might not be perfect but you will learn and grow.


2019 Media Kit

How I Became An Influencer

My Feed During 2018

I have been getting a lot of messages on Instagram about how I got started in the Influencer industry so I thought it was time to do a blog post on it. I want to share my story plus some great ways to dip your feet in. This is my story but it does not mean you have to follow my path or that my path will work for everyone else but it may open the doors and get you to your own path.

My Story

My Instagram Feed in 2016

A little bit before I moved away from Los Angeles in 2016 I honestly was not trying to be an influencer I was more wanting to get my creative juices out so I started using Instagram to create some fun photos. In no way did or have I ever seen myself as a photographer just someone who wanted to a creative outlet and with it being the age of social media what better way to do that than share it online. I started noticing more people starting to follow me and getting more likes. By more likes, I mean from 2-20 to 40-100. (Not a huge jump but a notch up.) This is also when I started to add hashtags and tagging brands into the photos I was posting.

Learning to Tag & Hashtag

OnceI moved to Austin I didn’t have a job and you can only apply to so many jobs a day before you go crazy. I hated that fact that I was not making any money even though my husband was making enough for us to be fine I wanted to work. I spend free time watching makeup tutorials on youtube which made me want to explore make up more. I had been using Bare Minerals since I was 14 so I had no clue about what brands were “good”. So when I went to look up reviews of makeup brands I stumbled upon my first official Influencer program.

My First Influencer Program

Influenster is a pretty widely known influencer program on Instagram and to me it was the best way to start learning how to promote products and how to review products in a way that is actually helpful to others. Influenster is a completely free program that has no requirements. Basically you will log onto your Influenster account and you will be given Snaps. Snaps are requested for information on brands you have used.

Snap Programs

Example: If you are into Haircare you may get a Snap that says “Which of the brands below have you used their curling creme?” You would then select the brands you have used and then they would ask you to write a review on the product. The reviews must be a certain length and they will ask you to point out specific information for the products like “Where did you get it” or “What type of hair do you have?” so when people see your review they get the most information out of it. The more detailed and the more you review products the better chances you will be select to get a VOXBOX.

My First Gifted Product Post via VOXBOX

Influenster is an amazing program to learn how to review and also how to create “Content” photos. Their VOXBOX comes with instructions on the type of photos, caption, and hashtags they are wanting you to use.

Branding Yourself

There are tons of things you need to do to create your own brand and it really is hard to nail yourself down in your Instagram bio. I have changed mine many times because I have changed my views and my lifestyle has changed. It’s okay for your brand to change as long as it’s not every week.

Use your Instagram Bio to show what you are all about

You only have so much space in your Instagram Bio so make it count. These are the things I wanted people to know about me and what my account will be about. I recently added “Minimalist in Training” because that is a new lifestyle I am trying to achieve this allows potential new followers to see my profile and follow because my feed doesn’t easily show minimalist lifestyle especially since I just started that journey.

Finding Your Theme

The biggest mistake I think someone can make with their feed is not having a theme. A theme is basically a visual vibe that runs through all your photos. There are tons of ways to do this.

  • Pop of Color: Have a specific color that is in every photo
  • Background: All photos have the same color background
  • Tile theme: Making every other photo a color block or text graphic.
  • Boarders: Using the same boarder on all photos
  • Dawling Theme: Using editing app to add doodles onto your photos
  • Rectangle: Using only Rectangle shaped photos

There are many other ways to theme your feed but the biggest way is through filters packs. Etsy is full of theme filter packs you can buy but you can also create your own through Lightroom or VSCO. I have used many different themes trying to find the best for me. People often will switch their themes out for the seasons which I think works really well because of the fact that clothing colors change with the seasons and a filter pack that worked for bright summer clothes might not work for dark winter clothes.

What Happened Next

After doing some branding to myself I started getting messages from small shops on Instagram asking for me to promote their items. This to me was a sign I was going in the right directions. Working with smaller brands is the absolute best! The first brand to reach out to me was Lily & Oak which is an Austin Local Handcrafter Leather Goods company. The woman who runs the business is amazing and her stuff is gorgeous. She messaged me asking if she could create a custom bag for me to post onto my Instagram.

Working with a small business is a great way for both parties to grow their audience. One thing I will say about being an influencer, yes you do get free stuff and be thankful that people want to send you their creations but especially with small shops try to support them back. After I was sent this purse. I went and bought her newest Tote Bag from her collection because I loved her stuff so much. We still keep in contact about doing more collaborations in the future. The goal should always be to make a good relationship with brands. Don’t be afraid to say no to collaborations with companies that you don’t like their product at the initial approach. Yes, it is good to get experience in working with brands but if you initially see the products and don’t like them it will be really hard to create fun and loved content off of a product you don’t love even if it is sponsored.

Sponsored VS Gifted

Paid Sponsorship via HEARTBEAT (Click Here To Join This Free Program)

Sometimes you will see #Sponsored and sometimes you will see #Gifted. The best way to separate the two is USUALLY Sponsored/AD is the person was paid to promote the item vs Gifted is when they received the item for free (Depending on the contract this is not always the case). Make sure you are going into agreements knowing these important factors:

  • Post Number: Confirm exactly how many Instagram post, Instastories, IGTV, or Images they are wanting.
  • Image Content: Are they wanting a flat lay, you wearing/holding product, are you allowed to crop your face out, can other products be in the post.
  • Caption Content: Is there a sale they want you to promote, specific details about the product, slogan, donation information, etc.
  • Tags/Hashtags: Can you have other brands labels in the shot/tag them as well, can you tag other brands in the post, what hashtags would they like added to the post
  • Ownership: Knowing if they have automatic ownership of your photos or will they be requesting to repost images.

Transitioning To Getting Paid

I do get paid for some of my promotion now but it wasn’t until recently that I started getting paid for my post. My rate based on my Media Kit currently is anywhere from $20 – $250 depending on how extensive the collaboration is or how much the initial offer is.

Paid Partnership with Aveeno & Walgreens

Here is the deal. You have to decide what feels right for you. There are still TONS of post I do that I don’t get paid for. I do this for small shops, brands I am passionate about, and products that are higher valued items. Some brands will initially offer you money and great! If they don’t it’s up to you to decide if you want to counter offer. I think Media Kits are the politest way to counter offer. A Media Kit is basically like a headshot/resume for actors but for influencers. You can also use it to set a lot of ground rules of what you are okay with and not okay with as well as your prices based on the factors I listed in the section above. If you want me to do a blog post about creating Media Kits and possibly share some templates let me know in the comments below!

Staying Organized

If you are not an organized person and want to be an influencer you better get your butt into organized shape. Excel spreadsheets are my calming tool. I love them so much. There are tons of ways to stay organized but my go-to is Excel. Often there are required dates of posting and even reviews of prior to posting and you must make sure you hit your deadlines so keeping organized is key. I used Google sheets and Google Task to keep me organized on what I need to do and the tracking of my collaborations.

2019 Influencer Tracking Log

Again, If you want me to go into to detail about how I track my collabs leave a comment below and I will do a full blog post about it with a template.

Final Thoughts

There are so many more things I feel like I skipped in this post and hope to do a part two with more Influencer programs I have worked with, additional details about becoming an influencer, and starting a blog but it is all too much for one blog post. I feel like this was an EXTREMELY long blog post. Thank you to all who made it this far and remember it’s all about taking that first step and trying. I have been on this journey for two years and I still have no idea what I am doing but I am learning each day. Comment down below if there is anything you want me to expand on in another post or any other topics you want me to cover in another blog post.

Instagram Engagement (Testing The Hacks)

There are tons of hacks you can find on the internet regarding boosting engagement. Everything from Engagement Groups, Group Giveaways, Follow Trains, Bots, and Hashtags (#F4F/#L4L), and many more. My curiosity was sparked by a lot of these items and the last few weeks I have been experimenting with a few of them to see if they are worth it.

Engagement Groups

Engagement Groups can be found or created. I have been invited to engagement groups as well as joined them via Facebook Groups for Bloggers. An Engagement group is a group of Instagrammers who interact with each other’s content. Now there are different levels of engagement groups. Some can be super intense, for example, There was a group that I looked into that you had to log on at a specific time of day and post/engage with group members within a 30-minute timeframe. The reason for this is so your post pops up at the top of your followers feed as well as increases your chances of being on the trending page. Now if you are a full-time blogger or have a job that doesn’t mind you stopping in the middle of your day to get on Instagram for about 30 minutes to do engagement this may be a fit for you. The issue with this is even though you may be getting pushed to the top of your followers feeds it does not mean it is peak time for your Instagram. My peak posting times are scattered some days its 9am, others at 1pm, and sometimes it says 6pm.

Should You Do It?

I think engagement groups are one of the better options but it really can be hit or miss. It also depends on how much time you WANT to spend on Instagram each day and it is also about finding a group that either has a moderator or a group that stays active. I think its best to find the right level of engagement group for you. If there are people you follow who post the same amount as you and they are often active follower DM them and ask them if they are part of an engagement group or ask if they want to create one. Best to find a group who post the same amount as you so if you post once a day best not to be in a group who post multiple times a day.

Group Giveaways & Follow Trains

These are just mock images I made of what these type of post look like

We all have seen these types of images when scrolling through our feeds. These tactics are more focused on gaining followers which “could” lead to higher engagement.

A Follow Train is a little bit like an engagement group except there is no certain way of boosting engagement just follower count by reposting the image to your feed and following others who have the same image posted on their feed.

A Group Giveaway is a group of Instagrammers who throw in a lump sum of money to join a giveaway group that helps you gain followers. The post’s caption will usually have a list of To Do’s like follower anywhere from 5 – 25 Instagrammers then tag so many friends to join, and possible gain bonus points by liking their past post or subscribing to their newsletter.

I personally have not joined a giveaway group or a follow train but instead was a creeper and tracked people who were. I checked their engagement rate and follower counts during and after for a few weeks. After the initial post, the user’s followers increased significantly while engagement went up a little. Once the giveaway/follow train was over there was a large dip in followers immediately then a slow dip for a week or two after. The engagement stayed even for about a week then it started to dip down. The end result did show a small increase in followers and engagement but it was nowhere near the amount during the actual giveaway/follow train.

Should You Do It?

Follow Train: These to me don’t seem to help engagement at all but is good for gaining followers. It seems people follow and then possibly mute all the people they followed or after a few weeks they just unfollow. Having a high follow count and a low amount of engagement isn’t helpful especially if you are wanting to be an influencer but if you just want a lot of followers and don’t mind your feed being clogged then this is a way to go.

Group Giveaways: To me, this is a lot like paying for followers because you pay $5 -$50 dollars to be part of a giveaway and then you may or may not keep the engagement/follow stats after the event. It is a fun thing to do for your followers ( I will admit I have entered into giveaways on Instagram before ) so if you are doing it for the enjoyment of your followers I say go ahead but I don’t think it is a solid way to gain engagement or followers.

Bots (Apps for Gaining Likes & Followers)

I think by now most people know this is not the way to go but I wanted to add this to the list. There are tons of Apps and Companies out there that let you buy Likes and Followers. Now I tested this out with Free Apps because I did not want to give my credit card to an app like this. The strange part of this was, at least with the App that I downloaded, there was a lot of “Celebrities”/High-Level Influencers post on this app. I debated showing a screenshot of some brands and celebrities I found using the app but decided against it.

Screenshot of the Like Rate

How the Like App worked is for every like I gave I received a “coin” and you could use those coins to get likes. Now, this seems simple but Instagram does have a system to catch you using Apps like this and will block you from liking and commenting for a period of time if you like too much. The limit for likes on instagram is about 250 per hour so once you go past that they will block you. The block will last 24 hours to 3 weeks. After the intial block is lifted you have to slowly increase you engagement. I intintially got myself blocked and after 24 hours my ban was lifted and after liking 15 photos in 4 minutes I got banned again for another 24 hours (Sorry, to anyone I follow for the radio silence for a few days). Another thing about these Apps is you have to give them access to your account which is a little bit scary I was lucky with this app while testing it out but immediately changed my password after testing.

The Follower App I downloaded was a little different. The price for followers is much higher than likes. This apps exchange rate was +1 coin for a like and +4 coins for every person you followed. The price to gain 5 Followers was 50 coins. Now for REAL cash, you could get “Golden Followers” which a lot of these apps seem to have which usually means “They are guaranteed to follow you for at least a month”. This also means non-golden followers can basically unfollow you right after they get their +4 Coins. So I liked until I got to 50 and this is what I got.

The 5 Followers I received via the App // The profile of one of the Followers.

As you can see these are all pretty obviously Bot Accounts but I did get a bonus 6th follower! These guys are not going to give me any type of additional engagement just following. Now if you haven’t heard of “Click Farms” basically people set up warehouses filled with phones hanging from chains and computers everywhere with people making fake accounts that like, follow, comment on people who have bought these things from Apps or websites. A really good and funny documentary on this is Channel 4’s Dispatch Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans. This is a link to the trailer, unfortunately, I could not find a link to a free version of the whole documentary but the trailer gives you an insight into Click Farms and the business of buying followers and likes.

Should You Do It?

If you are okay with the possibility of Instagram shutting down your account, your phone getting hacked, and paying with real money then sure why not but I personally don’t think its worth it. Especially, if you don’t pay because it took me a long time to get a few coins for a few likes and a lot of coins for a few followers (who were very fake) but hey I did get a bonus 6th follower.

Hashtags #L4L #F4F

I am a hashtag user. I will 100% admit sometimes I go a little #Hashtag crazy on my post. Hashtags are a good way for users to find you BUT hashtags don’t guarantee likes or followers. Yet there are tons of different versions of #L4L and #F4F aka Like for Like and Follow for Follow.

Number of post with these Hashtags currently on Instagram

Tons of people use these hashtags yet if you like all 190,571,299 posts with this hashtag you would not get that many likes back. You would also be banned from Instagram and probably go insane. These hashtags may get you some additional likes but the issue is the Instagram algorithm may screw you over. Now I tried #L4L on a few of my post and it was VERY time consuming (if you play fair) every person who liked my photo I had to go and like theirs. Another issue is I never knew if the likes I was getting were from the #L4L hashtag or another one which made it so I had to like a photo of everyone who liked my photo. I was constantly losing track of where I was on the list and it overall was a hot mess. Now if everyone played fair you would get a decent amount of likes. I went through the #L4L feed and liked 50 peoples photos out of the 50 I liked 10 of them liked a photo back. I was too afraid to attempt the F4F in fear of my feed become monstrous.

Should You Do It?

Though this option won’t get your phone hacked it will take a lot of time and you may not get results for the work you put in. It also doesn’t guarantee constant engagement or followers. Another outcome from using these hashtags is you could get Shadow Banned since they are on the banned list.

Final Thoughts

If you want engagement be engaging. Find other people who post about the same things as you. Converse with them and like their post. They will do the same back. These are “Natural Engagement Groups”. These relationships can help boost both of your accounts in a natural way leading you to find new people you may want to follow and who will want to follow you. Follow people who’s content you enjoy. It’s not any harder to like or comment on their stuff instead of liking some weird images you find in a Like App. Overall just be a good follower and if you find good people they will be a good follower back.

Why I Don’t LikeToKnowIt


If you have been on Instagram you more than likely have seen a post with the little LikeToKnowIt heart in the corner that looks like the image above. I have looked into this program many times and thought about joining. I have talked to members and have been offered referrals but I was never sure how I felt about the program. Now I don’t want this post to be any kind of hate toward anyone who uses this app this is just my own experience and opinions on how this app is used. I follow and know many people who use this app and it works for them.

Like to Know It App

Images By: John Keese

So What is LikeToKnowIt?

It is an app from RewardStyle that allows you to shop the outfits of influencers on Instagram or via their blog by taking a screenshot of their post or by following them on the LikeToKnowIT app. They have also expanded into other areas such as home decor, beauty, and children’s clothes.

How does it Work?

Using the LikeToKnowIt as a consumer is free and accessible to all, To be an influencer on it is a by-application process only and often requires some kind of referral by a current member. The program allows you to make a commission if someone buys anything or clicks the linked products in your pictures.

Reason #1 – Complicated Use

I personally think the steps to use this app are very complicated. The fact that I have to load up my phone with screengrabs of other peoples Instagrams seems like a long road to take in a word of quick technology. Also, I am no longer an iPhone user but everyone hates the dreaded pop up of Storage Almost Full.


Then there is just the idea of having to switch apps. Having to open another app either wait for the screengrab to be recognized by the app or to be following the users already on the LikeToKnowIt app then searching for that post just to find that one skirt. As part of my path toward minimalism having fewer apps on my phone is an easy step toward that so the concept of this program isn’t practical for me.

I have never used it on the Influencer side but from what I have heard about posting with them it seems like there is a lot of rules and requirements for posting with their symbol.

Reason #2 – Toxic for Everyone Involved

For Influencers: I know many LikeItKnowIt users who are constantly stressed. Posting every image with the LikeToKnowIt heart multiple times a day to either try to get promoted on the LikeToKnowIt Instagram or to just meet the required post per week. This is a very toxic environment when it is very obvious from the LikeToKnowIt Instagram that there are about 10 girls who are constantly on their feed and they are very “similar in look”.

For Followers: I personally do not have the app on my phone because I want to limit my apps. I have seen a few times followers post on a LikeItKnowIt post and ask “Where did you get that skirt from?” and the Influencer will put “Check Out My LikeitKnowit page”. Now I understand that they are trying to make money by getting the user to click but there are better ways to answer this question while still leading them to the post like saying ” I got it from Nordstroms if you want the direct link to the item check out my LikeToKnowIt page”. To me, this is like going to a website and them forcing you to give them your email before you can view the site. This idea just turns me off and makes me not want to continue following the person or going to that website.

Reason #3 – Fast Fashion Promotion

The main reasons I decided not to join this influencer program was the current issue of Fast Fashion. If you haven’t watched The True Cost on Netflix you really should. With women promoting new outfits daily the race to be “In fashion” is a never-ending race. The Fashion Industry use to have 4 seasons now they have almost 60 seasons a year. With the New Year starting one of my goals was to become more minimalist and make all my new clothing purchases be sustainable ones.

Final Words

I wrote this post not to bash anyone who uses the LikeToKnowIt App. Like I said I know many people who use this app and it works for them and they like it. I personally do not like the complex process for use, the toxic environment it brings, and the fact that it promotes fast fashion. Again, Please check out The True Cost on Netflix. It will hopefully help you understand my personal feelings toward this app.

If you are interested in Sustainable Fashion check out this list of clothing stores from The Good Trade HERE

Later Babes.

Review: Dermovia Skin Care (Ultra Hydration #BingeMask Kit)

Oh Hi!

Today I am going to be talking about a skincare product that I recently tried out. Dermovia is a company founded by two girl bosses Anita Sun and Mariella Scott. If you are a Shark Tank watcher you may have seen this product on the show.  They have many mask kits as well as individual masks that can help with a variety of different issues or needs for your skin.

  • Redness & Sensitivity
  • Lifting & Firming
  • Dark Spots & Blemishes
  • Anti-Aging & Wrinkles
  • Clogged & Enlarged Pores
  • Acne & Oil Control
  • Hydration

What Makes Them Unique

Compression Technology

“A proprietary blend of high-performance wearable compression fabric embedded with beneficial treatment solution for the skin that pushes active ingredients through all layers of the skin”. Basically, The chin strap plus the fabric used help push the good stuff into your skin, unlike normal mask that you usually just have sitting on your face and then rub in at the end.


Their products are healthy and are great for people who have a lot of allergies to most common skincare products on the market right now. This is a direction that a lot of beauty products have started to go in but Dermovia is one of the healthier face mask options on the market.

Dermovia Ingridents

This is a screenshot from the Dermovia Website.

Ease of Use

The ease of use of this product is beyond any other face mask. Most face mask you must sit with your head held up and must keep pressing the mask back on to your face. With these masks, you can go anywhere and do anything (as long as your okay with people looking at you weird). The ear/chin strap allows the mask to stay on so that when you bend over to do laundry or take the dishes out of the dishwasher you don’t have to worry about that bottom part of the mask peeling off.

Final Thoughts


  • I am always trying to be more aware of what is in the products that I use so I love the fact that this product is very natural.
  • I personally love being able to do other things while I mask.
  • The mask did make my skin feel great afterward.
  • The company has many different types of mask depending on your skin needs.


  • The mask kits can take over an hour to do so even though you can do other things while wearing the mask you must commit a good hour to the mask with switching out the mask in between.
  • Some people like a quick ten-minute mask that you can’t move in because they use that time to meditate or to have some relaxation time.
  • Like any face mask, you still will look weird wearing it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product and would use it again. You can buy these mask on their website or at Nordstroms. The price range from $15 – $100 depending on if you do a Mask Kit or an Individual Mask.

Check them out at

** I was sent this product for free to try but was not paid to post this.