Instagram Engagement (Testing The Hacks)

There are tons of hacks you can find on the internet regarding boosting engagement. Everything from Engagement Groups, Group Giveaways, Follow Trains, Bots, and Hashtags (#F4F/#L4L), and many more. My curiosity was sparked by a lot of these items and the last few weeks I have been experimenting with a few of them to see if they are worth it. Engagement Groups Engagement Groups can … Continue reading Instagram Engagement (Testing The Hacks)

Why I Don’t LikeToKnowIt

If you have been on Instagram you more than likely have seen a post with the little LikeToKnowIt heart in the corner that looks like the image above. I have looked into this program many times and thought about joining. I have talked to members and have been offered referrals but I was never sure how I felt about the program. Now I don’t want … Continue reading Why I Don’t LikeToKnowIt

Review: Dermovia Skin Care (Ultra Hydration #BingeMask Kit)

Oh Hi! Today I am going to be talking about a skincare product that I recently tried out. Dermovia is a company founded by two girl bosses Anita Sun and Mariella Scott. If you are a Shark Tank watcher you may have seen this product on the show.  They have many mask kits as well as individual masks that can help with a variety of … Continue reading Review: Dermovia Skin Care (Ultra Hydration #BingeMask Kit)

Amazon Beauty Favorites

Oh Hi! Today I wanted to post about some of my favorite Amazon beauty finds. Everyone’s skin is different and reactions can vary between people but these are some products that have done wonders for my skin. I have combination skin, the area around my nose and chin can get extremely dry while my cheeks and forehead can be extremely oily. Acne type is usually … Continue reading Amazon Beauty Favorites