Brand of the Month (April) – Final Touch Apparel

I wanted to start a brand of the month to show appreciation for small brands and/or local brands that I feel should be shared. This month’s brand is Final Touch Apparel, which is a whole sale clothing company based in the Downtown Fashion District of Los Angeles started in 2001. Their style is effortless fashion; statement pieces that will last for years instead of trends. … Continue reading Brand of the Month (April) – Final Touch Apparel

Why I Don’t LikeToKnowIt

If you have been on Instagram you more than likely have seen a post with the little LikeToKnowIt heart in the corner that looks like the image above. I have looked into this program many times and thought about joining. I have talked to members and have been offered referrals but I was never sure how I felt about the program. Now I don’t want … Continue reading Why I Don’t LikeToKnowIt